Saturday, November 3, 2007

November 3rd, '07

We are looking forward to our "Cortona reunion" in Sept '08. It will be wonderful to once again spend time with the friends made there in May '06. Michael will guide us into our creative selves again, and Stacey will keep us well fed and cultured.
Lucky us!!


Judy said...

Hi Guys,
Just found you - yaah!
glad you have joined the real world - lol.
Looking forward to Cortona too.
Will link you guys on my blog now.
What is with your location being Afghanistan - huh???

jweitz704 said...

Hi J & K,
WOW! fantastic. I guess I will have to join "the real world" one of these days. I am also looking forward to Cortona, and your visit in April.
Loved the mini collages, you should do a workshop!