Tuesday, March 11, 2008

          I guess some of you are wondering why we changed our name. 
         But we promise...this is it.

                              Here's a look at one of Joy's latest pieces.   

April will bring a trip to Philly and New York.  A week of catching up, junking, a visit to "The Strand" (the largest used bookstore in NY.  It takes up almost a whole block!) and maybe even some time to create.  Judy, Jerri and Karen, can't wait to see you all.


deMeng said...

Way coool Joy...Love the arms. You could call this piece...Iron Maiden.

wish I was going to NY with Judy to see you guys...you never know, I may show up.


Karen Cole said...

Hey....you're there.....or here.

Whatever, nice to hear from you.
The blog is looking great and zi love your piece. you even rate a comment from Demeng...wow.

Yes, I can't wait tosee you guys as well.

Judy said...

Yeah a comment from mdm - must be wanting to join girls week - lol!!!!
Great piece!!