Thursday, April 24, 2008

April has taken us to the east coast to visit with old friends, meet new ones and get REALLY inspired. Inspiration came in all forms.....looking at everyones' artwork, talking about art and techniques, shopping for plenty of stuff to make art and finally... cruising the streets and checking out the people, the sites, the wonders of New York city. We even squeezed in a little time to actually create. Thanks to Karen, Judy, Jerri and new friends Leslie,Susanna, and Maddie for making it all a great visit. The experience has made me a believer in the blog world and the good people you can connect with through it. Thanks to Judy R for hosting a terrific gathering of like minded souls.

Earth Day was celebrated with some aplomb at Macy's. The window displays reflected our abuses of the earth in a most creative way.

Pinkberry rocks!!!!! Joy


Karen Cole said...

Nice post, ladies.

Yes, it was an amazing week. I will need a few days to digest everything.

Leslie said...

What a wonderful lot of stuff you found in NY! I'm so sorry that I wasn't with you. It was so wonderful meeting you both and getting to spend a little time. It was a magical weekend.

susanna said...

Kathryn and Joy, I'm so glad that we met this week. You both really know how to laugh and have fun. Hopefully we'll meet again soon!

Judy said...

Hi guys, so show us the stuff you created in the big apple!!!