Saturday, June 28, 2008

Joy's post.....after spending a day cleaning out my workroom , rearranging, and getting rid of stuff ( yes, I really did throw things away!) I realized my supply of cigar boxes was huge.  Shrine was the obvious answer that day.  My grandparents had an arranged marriage.  She was 15 and he 27 at the time of their marriage. Here they are with their children, my mother being the little girl.  

Gotta love the 20's clothes!  

Taking a photo copy,  collaging it, then painting over it produced this 
11x14 of my in-laws.  This technique is really fun and I now have a stack 
of photos to start new paintings with.   


Leslie said...

I love your shrine and collage Joy. I have a pretty large stash of cigar boxes myself. I just can't pass them by!

Judy said...

gorgeous - how dod I miss these. love cigar boxes too but here they put yuk stickers all over them.