Saturday, October 4, 2008

What could be better than Italia? Good wine, good friends, good art, wonderful junking, meeting new people, the best gnocchi I think I've ever had, and last but not least those afternoon "Venetian Spritz's" with our yummy host in Venice, Matteo.
Ciao' bellas..............Jerri, Karen, Paula and Kathryn.


Leslie said...

Look at those happy bellas! So sorry that your pretty face is not in this photo!

I'm still thinking about how fun that trip was.

paula l. mandel said...

I can taste the ripe figs and the fesh tomatoes as I look at your photo. Sigh...It's fun to see you blog. Thanks for visiting mine. I have found some new kindred spirits.

Karen Cole said...

glasses on? glasses off?

Love you guys!