Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New York inspiration

Kathryn and I were fortunate to be able to spend four days in 
New York being creative and making lots of art. 
 Being with good friends Karen and Jerri and 
drinking the compulsory afternoon "Venetian Spritzes"
made the time fly by, but in the end we
 all accomplished a great deal. 
 It was so nice to NOT have to leave home to go
 anywhere and just keep on working. We combined 
a little of our own technique to
 Alisa Burke's idea from C,P, S's for clutch purses. 

Making the vintage findings and tooled copper 
collages was so much fun.  
Here are a few close-up pics.
WARNING:  Making these may become addictive!


Alisa Burke said...

Oh my goodness- these look amazing! I am thrilled that you found inspiration in my CPS articles- amazing work!

Karen Cole said...

Hey......are we addicted to making beautiful things or drinking spritzes?????

Nice post!!!!

Judy said...

Very, very jealous down here - boo hoo. however I am so happy for you guys that u were able to have such a lovely time - the pieces all looks wondeful, full of life and good energy.

Jerri said...

Loved NYC camp Friends, art, spritzes, and treasured memories..
i was happy to see your post.

Leslie said...

What a wonderful time you ladies had! And so much beauty born from that shared visit.