Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting messy and lovin' it...Joy's post

The first week of Alisa Burke's on-line "Graffitti Chic" class is almost over and it has been a blast.  It is so much fun to be free and loose with the paint.  I can't wait to see what the next four weeks bring.  This is my first attempt ..
and as you can see, what you started with and ended with is always a surprise.

This is in huge contrast to what Kathryn and I are working on to prepare for our Spring Trunk show on April 18th.  Here's a sneak peek at a few pieces.


Karen Cole said...

Well look at you......and you ask me how I have the time to get so much done.

I love everything you've made.....that handbag with the eastern influence is just beautiful!!! I gotta get me goin on those too!!!

Judy said...

you guys - everything looks so wonderful and elegant. Good luck with the show.

Stephanie said...

love the clutch you made...the grafitti chic class was so much fun!!

Leslie said...

How was the show? You ladies have busy!

Love that purse, and the class was awesome, wasn't it?