Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend with Jesse Reno.... Joy's post

Spending the weekend at Carol Parks' incredible home/studio was the best!  
 He painted as he instructed and actually finished twopieces himself over the weekend.  
Watching him work was a lesson in itself.   Learning his techniques brought "am I done yet?" to a new level.  And painting with your hands again gave freedom not found in a long time.  The bird below is Kathryn's .
This weird elephant man is mine.  We painted on cardboard so we had no bond in case something went wrong, but everyone was happy with their work and I'm sure we will all be hanging them somewhere. 
We all named this piece of Kathryn's "sea goat".
This last piece of mine just evolved over three days.  Keep in mind that not a one of our pieces look anything like they did to begin with.  And that was the beauty of it all!  Check out Jesse's work on his website www.jessereno.com.


Karen Cole said...

I am speechless!!!

Holy moly......you guys made amazingly beautiful work......I wouldn't have expected any thing else, however, it's fascinating to see how you both used his techniques to create your own.

I want to request a workshop!!!!!!!!

Leslie said...

Wow! You ladies did amazing work in that workshop. Thanks for sharing!