Wednesday, March 17, 2010

After taking Leighanna Light's Creepy Charlotte class at Art and Soul Las Vegas, there was no stopping us! Friends Karen and Jerri were here and along with Kathryn and I we went to town.  View these dolls in progress.......

Here's my first finished "Ga-Ga Grunge Girl" as I'm calling them.

And here's a look at one of Kathryn's.......

Look out, they're addicting and are invading my home!


Karen Cole said...

Well, well, well, things are looking pretty darn amazing around here.

Great photos of the dolls!!!!!!!....but then it's easy to take great photos of fabulous things.

I like the new photo of the two of you in Florence....ahem, is there someone missing?

Now I'm sad that we did not go to see your gallery wall. It looks amazing.

xxoo K

Karen Cole said...

Still loving the dolls.

I want to make more!!!!! maybe New York? I'll bring the dolls!!!
I want to do it all....wish I had the time......need to work bigger. Everyone that has seen the show at the restaurant asked if I had larger pieces.

Will call you soon.

xo K